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September 20, 2009
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Intro- Holo log of Delta RC-01/138.

Today is day 788. We are on Kashyyyk. We just lost Sev. Scorch is really ticked; I think we all are. But we had to leave him behind, I regret doing it from the beginning. Unfortunately, the orders came from General Master Yoda himself. Right now we’re heading to Kachiro, where our next mission will be revealed. The only thing I know about our next mission is that it will take place on a war zone.

Chapter I- Day 788- 0845 hours- Clone Wars- Kachiro- Kashyyyk

The room inside the Republic Gunship was dark, and the smell of hot, melted iron, and metal filled the room. Even though my Katarn armor filtered out smells on it’s own, the scratched armor that had been through so many battles, the filter was starting to die off.

My name is Republic Commando (RC) 01/138, three-eight for short. My nickname is “Boss”. I lead Delta Squad of the Grand Army of the Republic, also known as the Clone Army. Delta Squad was made up of the greatest and deadliest clones in the entire galaxy that normally turned out to be a fact instead of an opinion. Delta Squad contained three other Republic Commandos. Fixer, was one of them, the second in command of Delta Squad. He was also called 40. When it came to Forty he was a very, very by-the-book commando. Scorch was another of the four. He was a funny, and yes I said funny, clone. Republic Commandos are so close to humans that they normally come up with their own personalities. Sev was the other commando, a hunter, and a very deadly one I might add. He and Scorch were what we called “pod brothers”, two commandos in the same squad who are always fighting alongside each other, clones who do not go anywhere without the other. Such bonds are normally only found in commando squads because of the different personalities, and more human characteristics.

We were sent to Kashyyyk because the Separatist forces were planning an invasion, we had found evidence on a previous mission that proved this. Several missions took place on Kashyyyk. First, we had the Trandoshan slave camp mission, in which we were sent to a camp with captured wookies in it. Kashyyyk is the home planet for wookies, and they have been used for slavery for thousands of years. Normally, they are captured, or sold, or even worse they have been skinned for pelts. Hunted down like animals, they were. A war was going on though, and not only were we sent into Kashyyyk to save the wookie population, but also to save the planets the clone army had control over. The first step would be to attack this camp, and rescue at least the wookie resistance leader: Tarrful. We finished the mission easily, and were sent to destroy a hidden base on Kashyyyk, where Trandoshans had hidden munitions and droids. We once again successfully accomplished the mission, with a big bang too. Next we were sent to destroy a bridge near the capital of Kashyyyk: Kachiro. The bridge was simply named after the city, and we blew the bridge after a tough fight to prevent the Separatist forces from advancing further. In a final battle, the four of us fought our way to four large wookie rocket turrets and destroyed a large Separatist Cruiser. The turrets were set up a distance away from each other, and shortly after the destruction of the cruiser, we lost contact with Sev.

The fight for Kashyyyk was not yet over though. And the remaining three of us had to head back into battle; and I had to lead them.

We finally got off the Republic Gunship, and I noticed immediately that we were in the same place as where we started the bridge mission. It was just a small walkway connecting the path to the market concourse and another building in the city. The market concourse was a bridge like building where wookies would normally sell goods and stuff.

“Three-eight, hold your position until the wookies take cover and gunship wing delta four-two rendezvous with your squad.” That was the advisor he’s our “eye in the sky”, he tells us objectives, gives us our briefing, and gives us intelligence, which is facts about the mission that can be helpful.

“How’s Scorch doing?” I asked 40. Scorch was 62’s nickname, each of us have one but people like advisors or anybody out of the squad wasn’t to know the nickname, they’re secrets. Scorch got his nickname because of a demolition accident in training that left he and his instructor without eyebrows for a while.

“Not to good Boss,” replied Fixer. Fixer got his name just because he was an excellent technician, he could slice any terminal or do anything that involves hardware. He was second in command of our squad. My nickname was pretty obvious on how I got it, and if you don’t know, I’m Delta lead.

“I’ll try to calm him down, I want you to set up a sniping position looking on the concourse area,” I replied. Fixer nodded and found a position. I found Scorch sitting on a cargo box cleaning his DC-17. For those of you that don’t know what a DC-17 is, it’s a standard weapon for a clone commando such as Scorch, Fixer, and any other commandos. It has three setups where one is a repeating blaster, best used on droids, and it held sixty rounds per clip. Another is a sniper rifle with five rounds. And the last setup was an Anti-Armor round, which was terribly deadly.

I climbed up on a cargo box that was above and behind Scorch. “You okay?” I asked.

“Do you think I’m okay?” he replied.

“No, I just can’t think of anything else to say to begin a conversation.”

“Why did we leave him behind? He wasn’t that far.”

“None of us wanted to leave him but we had to obey the orders, if we didn’t we would probably be decommissioned and then you probably wouldn’t have seen Sev again.”

“Fixer doesn’t care about Sev.”

“Yeah he does, you heard him.”

“Well he’s never acted like he did. So why now?”

“Probably because he never noticed that he actually liked him as a brother.”

“I guess so.”

His anger was dying down. Sev was the squad member we lost. We were not sure if he was dead. He has a very, very, deep voice, is excellent in sniping, and is very hard to kill. His closest brother (and I say brother because we practically lived together, barely doing any missions with other squads,) is Scorch he’ll do everything with him. Many would think I would take Fixer as my closet brother since we’re both very by the book, but I wasn’t truly one hundred percent sure which to take as my closet brother. We never got much spare time to stay on the big strike cruisers long enough to hang out, we bond as brothers a lot in combat but we would be on the strike cruisers for a few days, then get sent on some crazy mission of despair and come out fine, that was how we lived.

“I got a reading of a dwarf spider droid, no wait two, no wait,” Fixer was saying. I interrupted him though, “How many Fixer!”

“I don’t know they keep on going into the concourse.” If they made it past the concourse they could destroy the city and all the fighting, losing Sev would be for nothing. “Advisor, how much longer till those gunships get here!”

“About fifteen minutes why?” he asked.

“We have a continuing number of spider droids going into the concourse!” I replied.

“Well they won’t get there in time to help you out, you’ll have to destroy the concourse.”

“Are you nuts? that’ll leave behind all the Wookies out there AND Sev!” Protested Scorch.

The Advisor replied in a sorry tone, “We don’t have a choice. Find a Wookie rocket launcher and hit one of the fuel lines. That will destroy it.”

“Fixer, Scorch don’t blow it just yet I’m not killing any Wookies over this,” I said, and ran to into a small building complex that connects the concourse with the rest of the city and found Tarrful. “Advisor, translate his words for me.” I commanded.

I said for him to translate his words for me because most creatures know galactic basic (English) they just don’t speak it that much. “Tarrful is there any Wookies in the concourse?” He replied with his growls and then I heard the advisors’ voice say, “One.” I quickly ran off to the concourse and when the door opened I saw the Wookie running past me I then heard large explosions; the spider droids were already halfway through.

“Scorch blow it now! HURRY!” I made it out of there just in time as the concourse was destroyed right behind me. I walked back to my squad to see them staring at the explosion. At first I thought they were as dumb as battle droids but when I turned my head to see what they were looking at, I wouldn’t stop staring either.
my version of what happens after sev is lost
Autistic-teddy May 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
very cool story idea and nice cliffhanger
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